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Home Delivery + Subscriptions

The taste of summer delivered directly to your front door.

When will I receive my peaches?

You will be able to select your desired delivery cadence when making your subscription order. This can be paused or edited at any time.

How do I choose/skip weeks for my subscription?

If you need to change your shipping schedule or delivery address, you can click the link in your Subscription Email (an email you'll receive after you place your subscription order) to access your subscription and edit the details for your shipments.

Can I order a subscription if I won't have a consistent address this summer?

Yes! When you place an order for a Full Season Subscription, you'll need to enter a primary shipping address to complete your purchase. If you'll be traveling for a few weeks or moving to a new home this summer, you can customize your address for tho

Can I change the shipping address?

You can change your shipping address if your order is not being prepared for shipment. For Home Delivery orders that include a single box of peaches (not subscription) or clothing/pantry items, please contact our Community Experience team with your o

Can I choose my own weeks for a subscription?

Yes! You can make changes to your subscription up to 11:59 PM (Central) the Friday before your shipping week.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped and received?

With any fresh fruit box, you can pick the week you’d like to receive your produce when you check out! We ship all fresh items at the start of your chosen week, so they should arrive by the end of the week. You'll receive a UPS tracking number when y

Do you deliver to my address?

We ship peaches across the US during the summer months. Currently we cannot ship our peaches to California, Arizona, Hawaii, or Alaska. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. We ship fresh peaches every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during peach season.  Pleas

How is your fresh fruit shipped?

Our Gift Box for Home Delivery includes 13 fresh peaches. Each peach is hand-picked and gently packed into foam cartons to ensure safety in transit. We ship every Gift Box of 13 Peaches via UPS the same day the peaches are picked and packed.

Will my peaches be ready to eat when they arrive?

We pick our peaches when they are tree-ripe, carefully pack them into boxes, and send them on their way to you all in the same day. They should be firm when you receive them at home and usually need just a couple days on your counter to condition. Co

I have a quality complaint about my box.

We hold ourselves to a high standard, but sometimes we fall short of picking and delivering the perfect peach. Working with a fragile natural product is a joyful adventure, and we'll always take care of you if there's an issue with your peaches. My p

Can I cancel my subscription?

We don't typically offer cancellations for our Full Season Subscriptions because we'll always take care of you if there's a problem with your peaches. If you wish to discuss cancelling a Full Season Subscription, please contact our Customer Experienc

My home delivery didn't arrive

We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Reach out to Customer Experience at the link below to report your missing order.  Please reference your order number (Help me find my Order Number) and the email address you used to place the order. Click here to

There's a delivery problem. Do I need to contact UPS?

Not usually. We may encourage you to contact UPS if you want to make a change to your delivery while your box is in transit, but if there's a problem with your delivery our Customer Experience team will be happy to help you. We'll reach out to UPS so

I received the wrong items.

Oops! We know that's a big disappointment after a long wait for any of our sweet treats.  Extra Items If you received extra items by mistake, please feel free to enjoy or share those with someone you love. We are unable to accept returns for any item