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Can I change the shipping address?Updated a month ago

You can change your shipping address if your order is not being prepared for shipment. 

For Home Delivery orders that include a single box of peaches (not subscription) or clothing/pantry items, please contact our Community Experience team with your order details and the new shipping address. We'll make the change if we're able.

If you'd like to change the shipping address for your subscription, you can click here to access your order (with your order number and email address) and change your delivery address up to 11:59 PM (Central) the Thursday before your scheduled delivery week.

Here are the steps to adjust your shipping address if you have a pre-paid subscription:

  1. Log in to your account and click to manage your subscription.
  2. Go to the "Shipping Addresses" tab.

3. Do not click "Add Address" instead, click on  "Edit Shipping Address" for your pre-paid subscription.

4. Update the shipping address to the new address for your next order.

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