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How is your fresh fruit shipped?


Our Gift Box for Home Delivery includes 13 fresh peaches.

Each peach is hand-picked and gently packed into foam cartons to ensure safety in transit. We ship every Gift Box of 13 Peaches via UPS the same day the peaches are picked and packed, and they should arrive at your door within 3-5 days!


Our Gift Box for Home Delivery includes 12 fresh apples. 

In a single box order, there are four of each apple variety (Honeycrisp, Ambrosia, and Granny Smith). 

In a subscription order, there are four boxes with just one variety each: 

Week 1: Honeycrisp

Week 2: Ambrosia

Week 3: Granny Smith

Week 4: Honeycrisp

More shipping information coming soon!

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