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My bank statement shows an extra charge.Updated 5 months ago

If you placed one order but have two charges from The Peach Truck on your bank statement, the extra charge typically disappears after a few business days. This might happen if your first payment attempt is declined and you click 'Pay now' a second time. 

Should I contact my credit card company?

Not yet. The charge is pending because you clicked 'Pay now,' but it will be automatically refunded because the payment did not go through the first time. 

How long will it take to go away?

This issue usually resolves itself. If you still notice an extra charge after 7 business days or if the pending charge posts to your bank statement as a cleared transaction, please contact our Community Experience team before you dispute the charge with your bank.

We will of course provide a refund if you were actually mistakenly charged; please reach out to us about any duplicate charges!

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