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What variety of peaches do you have?Updated 3 months ago

We harvest over 40 varieties of peaches each summer. We pack and deliver whatever variety is ripe and ready to be picked. We work closely with our farmers to select the best varieties for our customers. 

We hold all varieties to the same standard - the best of the best!  We carefully hand-pick and inspect all our peaches. Also, we work hard to make sure your peaches reach you within days of being picked. After all, the best kind of peach is the freshest one you can get!

Do you have white peaches?

All of our Tour and Home Delivery peaches are yellow peach varieties. We typically have a very limited supply of white peaches available at Local Pickup each summer; we will send a notification if this opportunity arises.

Can I choose my variety?

You can choose your delivery week (Home Delivery) or pickup date (Local Pickup), but you aren't able to choose a specific variety when you place an order. We'll pick, pack, and deliver the variety of peach that is ripe when it's time to fulfill your order. As a reminder, clingstone varieties are delivered from mid-May to early June, and freestone varieties are delivered from mid-June to early September. 

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