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What if there's something wrong with my peaches?Updated 3 months ago

We hold ourselves to a high standard, but sometimes we fall short of picking and delivering the perfect peach. Working with a fragile natural product is a joyful adventure, and we'll always take care of you if there's an issue with your peaches.

We invite you to take a look at some common peach concerns in this section of our FAQ. If you need further assistance, please contact our Community Experience team.

My peaches are firm.

If your peaches seem firm, don't worry - they weren't picked too early! We pick all of our peaches when they are tree-ripe, so they need a little time to condition at home before they're soft and ready to enjoy.

This usually takes just a few days, but every peach is different. We recommend spreading the peaches on your counter so you can see them. If you have a box, removing peaches from the box also protects them from squishing each other as they soften.

You should check on them each day, as some peaches condition more quickly than others. Once they give a little when lightly squeezed, they're ready!

After the peaches are soft, you can refrigerate them for up to a week. We recommend you don't refrigerate peaches that are still firm.

My peaches are soft.

We expect our peaches to be firm when they reach you, but sometimes the heat of summer can expedite the conditioning process and soften the peaches ahead of schedule. We consider peaches to be soft once they give a little when gently squeezed.

If that sounds like your peaches, we recommend enjoying or processing them right away. We recommend refrigerating them at this point if you aren't ready to eat, freezecan, or use them in your next batch of jam just yet (check out one of our favorite jam recipes in our cookbook!)

My peaches are overripe/rotten.

We pick our peaches at their peak freshness, but the heat of transit can sometimes take the conditioning process a little too far. If any of your peaches are overripe, spoiled, or rotten when they arrive, please contact our Community Experience team as soon as possible. If you're able to send a photo of the spoiled peaches and let us know the number you aren't able to use, our team will be able to help you more efficiently.

My peaches are juicy but they aren't sweet

Because we grow so many varieties, our peaches come in a range of sweet and tart flavors. If the peaches are juicy and delicious but a little more tart than you're used to, we're glad you get to try a new kind of peach!

If your peaches taste unpleasant, sour, bitter, or bland, there's a problem with your box. Those are never words we expect to hear about our peaches. Please contact our Community Experience team with your order details and they'll take care of you.

My peaches are not the size or color I expected.

We celebrate the differences of our varieties! Your peaches may be more red, yellow, or green on the outside than what you're used to receiving, even in previous orders from The Peach Truck. They may be smaller or even come in a range of sizes within the same box (this is why we sell our peaches by weight for Local Pickup orders.) Regardless of color or size, we hold every peach to the same high standard.

We encourage you to trust the conditioning process. Don't give up on them if they're smaller or greener than you were expecting. One of our sweetest varieties (and a staff favorite) is actually a yellow-green peach called an Elberta.

My peaches have some bruises.

Anyone who picks and packs The Peach Truck peaches has been trained to take great care handling the fruit. Sometimes bruises can develop because of the weight of the peaches pressing on each other in our larger boxes, or because of a bumpy ride in transit. There are a few steps you can take once you get your peaches to prevent further bruising:

  • Be gentle with your peaches. They may be firm, but they're still fragile.

  • If you have a box of peaches, remove them from the box and spread them on your counter. 

  • If you notice any peaches have small bruises or indentations, set them aside and keep an eye on them. They may soften faster and most of the peach will still be juicy and delicious.

  • If you have a Home Delivery gift box, remove all of the peaches from their foam cubbies to inspect them and set them on your counter.

If any of your peaches develop severe bruises that render most of a peach unusable, our Community Experience team will be happy to help.

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