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Why doesn't my order qualify for free shipping?

If you've had a look at our website banner you're probably wondering what "where available" means.  We offer free shipping on most orders over $99.  We consider an order to be items shipped to the same address on the same date.  If you need items sent to a second address, or on a second date, it will require a new order to be created.  Because each order has its own individual shipping charge, we cannot combine order totals to achieve free shipping offers. 


What about subscriptions?

Even though your subscription is more than $99, each box is a separate shipment. The price of our Full and Half Season Subscriptions reflects a discounted rate for the number of boxes being shipped over the season.  In many cases, we are also able to offer free shipping as gratitude for committing to a season of peaches.  In some states, the cost to transport your peaches at peak freshness is too high to offer free shipping, however, we do offer a subsidized rate.  Details on any additional shipping cost can be found on each product page.

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