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My peaches have some bruises.Updated 7 months ago

Anyone who picks and packs The Peach Truck peaches has been trained to take great care handling the fruit. Sometimes bruises can develop because of the weight of the peaches pressing on each other in our larger boxes, or because of a bumpy ride in transit. There are a few steps you can take once you get your peaches to prevent further bruising:

  • Be gentle with your peaches. They may be firm, but they're still fragile.
  • If you have a box of peaches, remove them from the box and spread them on your counter. 
  • If you notice any peaches have small bruises or indentations, set them aside and keep an eye on them. They may soften faster and most of the peach will still be juicy and delicious.
  • If you have a Home Delivery gift box, remove all of the peaches from their foam cubbies to inspect them and set them on your counter.

If any of your peaches develop severe bruises that render most of a peach unusable, our Community Experience team will be happy to help.

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