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My peaches are firm.

Rest assured they weren't picked too early, and we didn't send you peach-shaped rocks by mistake. We pick all of our peaches when they are tree-ripe, so they need a little time to condition at home before they're soft and ready to enjoy.

This usually takes just a few days, but every peach is different. We recommend spreading the peaches on your counter so you can see them. If you have a 25 lb. box, removing peaches from the box also protects them from squishing each other as they soften.

You should check on them each day, as some peaches condition more quickly than others. Once they give a little when lightly squeezed, they're ready!

After the peaches are soft, you can refrigerate them for up to a week. We recommend you don't refrigerate peaches that are still firm.

What about freezing or baking?

You can cook or bake with peaches before they condition, but we recommend you wait to freeze or can them until they've softened.

I thought they'd be soft by now.

If it's been a few days and your peaches still aren't conditioning properly, please contact our Community Experience team and we'll take care of you.

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