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How do I join The Glad Gang?Updated 2 years ago

If you have an account, meaning you have ordered in the past and set up a password, you have automatically been enrolled and awarded 200 Truck Bucks. If you have not set up a password verified account, follow the instructions below and you will get 200 Truck Bucks loaded right away.  (Not sure if you have an account? Try logging in!)


Not only does creating an account help you earn valuable rewards, but it's also a great way to view all of your orders in one place.

Create Account

You can click Account in the top righthand corner of the website to access the Account Login page.

From here, you can click Create Account to set up your account:Create_Account_Button.png

You'll be prompted to enter your name, email address, and password.

Our system connects orders placed under the same email address, so you should enter the email address that you've used to place orders with us or that you intend to use to place orders with us.

Request Account Invite

If you've already placed orders with The Peach Truck, you can also contact our Customer Experience team and request an account invite. Our team will email you a link to activate your account and set up your password.

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