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How do I earn points for reviews?Updated 2 years ago

We sincerely appreciate every review you leave for our products! You may notice that this is one Way to earn that doesn't have a bright orange button to click.

After your Home Delivery or Tour order is fulfilled, you’ll receive an email from us inviting you to leave a review for the product you’ve received (or picked up). If you click the link in that email, you'll be able to leave a review connected to your account.

This email might come immediately after your order is delivered or you may see it at the end of the season. You can add this email address to your contacts to keep these emails out of your junk folder: [email protected]


Why did I only get points for one review when I left more than one?

You can only earn Truck Bucks for 1 review every 30 days.


Can I just write a review on the website?

At this time, clicking Write a Review on the product page and entering your information does not link to your Glad Gang rewards, even if you're logged in. 

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