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Can I get my peaches replaced on The Peach Truck Tour?

We're sorry you're not thrilled with the peaches you picked up from The Peach Truck Tour. We are not able to provide replacements for your peaches, but we will always take care of you if there's a quality issue with your box. If you're not able to en

My peaches are cold. Is this a problem?

It shouldn't be! We carefully monitor the temperature of our trucks from the moment your peaches are packed and loaded until the moment you pick them up. We expect all of our peaches to condition beautifully into sweet and juicy gems once they reach

My peaches are not the size or color I expected.

We celebrate the variety of our varieties! Your peaches may be more red, yellow, or green on the outside than what you're used to receiving, even in previous orders from The Peach Truck. They may be smaller, or even come in a range of sizes within th

Why are my peaches firm?

Don't worry - they weren't picked too early! We pick all of our peaches when they are tree-ripe, so they need a little time to condition at home before they're soft and ready to enjoy. This usually takes just a few days, but every peach is different.

Will the peaches be ready to eat when I pick them up?

Not quite! We pick our peaches tree-ripe, carefully pack them into boxes, and start driving them to your location on The Peach Truck Tour all in the same day. They should be firm when you receive them and will need a few days on your counter to condi

My box contains bad peaches

Oh no! We’re so sorry to hear that your box might not meet The Peach Truck's standard. On rare occasions Mother Nature gets the best of us, or something happens during transit, and we will always take care of you. If your peaches are hard, remember t

I don't think my box is full.

All produce on Tour and at our Nashville area booths are sold by weight to ensure that you get the full value you pay for, no matter the size of your fruit.  We pick all of our fruit when it is tree-ripe and ready to be picked; bigger is not always b