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Can I choose my own weeks for a subscription?

Yes! You can now make changes to your Full or Half Season Subscription up to 11:59 PM (Central) the Friday before your shipping week. When you purchase a Full Season Subscription, we'll automatically spread your deliveries over the 8 weeks of our sea

Can I order a subscription if I won't have a consistent address this summer?

Yes! When you place an order for a Full Season Subscription, you'll need to enter a primary shipping address to complete your purchase. If you'll be traveling for a few weeks or moving to a new home this summer, you can customize your address for tho

What is a Full Season Subscription?

In a word: SUMMER We only ship the best peaches right off the tree so they reach you at peak freshness. You will receive a Gift Box of 13 Peaches each week for 8 weeks. You can click here to learn more about our Full Season Subscriptions.

Do you offer a Half-Season Subscription?

We typically offer a 4 week Half-Season Subscription (you guessed it) halfway through the summer peach season. If it's not available in our Home Delivery shop, then we aren't taking orders just yet. You can check our website again in June or subscrib

Can I cancel my subscription?

We don't typically offer cancellations for our Full Season Subscriptions because we'll always take care of you if there's a problem with your peaches. If you wish to discuss cancelling a Full Season Subscription, please contact our Customer Experienc