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What if I can't pick up my order?

You can change the pickup location up to 5 days before your chosen Tour Stop. If you need to make a change, please contact our Customer Experience team. We are unable to change your pickup location within 5 days of your chosen Tour Stop. We understan

Will I have to wait in a line?

Taking orders online has reduced the wait time for picking up orders on The Peach Truck Tour. Every location is different, so we can't confirm how long the wait might be at your stop. Lines often begin to form before the start time, but our team work

How do I pick up my order from The Peach Truck Tour?

When you place your order, you should receive a confirmation email with an order number, order summary, and a unique QR code. Please bring this QR code to your stop (either printed or on your smartphone) to pick up your order. If you have placed mult

Will I have to get out of the car to get my Tour order?

Yes. The vast majority of our locations will not be drive-up, but we are committed to your safety, comfort, and a smooth experience with The Peach Truck Tour. What will the pickup process look like? We have taken every precaution possible to limit an

I can't carry a 25 lb. box by myself.

We recommend you to bring along a helper (or a wagon) if you have someone who can accompany you and help you carry your peaches to your vehicle. If you come alone and need assistance, simply ask one of our smiling teammates and someone will take care

Where is my nearest Tour stop?

Great question! Did you know that we have 2 separate tours? The Peach Truck Summer Tour features fresh peaches, and as of fall 2021, we added The Peach Truck Winter Tour featuring fresh satsumas.  Our Peaches are in season late May-August, and Satsum

Help! I missed my stop on The Peach Truck Tour.

We're sorry you couldn't make your stop! We know life happens, and our team will be happy to help you. We are not able to offer refunds within 5 days of a Tour stop, but if you missed your location we will send you a store credit that you can use to

Can I get my order shipped to me instead of coming to the Tour stop?

We ship fresh peaches across the US during the summer season (June-August), but we are not able to ship The Peach Truck Tour orders. The 25 lb. boxes are too heavy to ship safely. If you'd prefer to order a smaller box of peaches for Home Delivery, w