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Loyalty Program - The Glad Gang

Earn Truck Bucks with our rewards program for discounts on your orders!


How do I earn points for reviews?

We sincerely appreciate every review you leave for our products! You may notice that this is one Way to earn that doesn't have a bright orange button to click. After your Home Delivery or Tour order is fulfilled, you’ll receive an email from us invit

How do I earn Truck Bucks for sharing or liking The Peach Truck on Facebook?

If you’re not already logged into your account on, click Account in the top right corner of the screen to log in.    Once you’re signed in, click on the Glad Gang rewards pop up in the bottom right corner to view your current Truck

What is The Glad Gang?

The Glad Gang is the free loyalty program from The Peach Truck. Earn points (called Truck Bucks) for every purchase you make, as well as for other activities like sharing or following us on Facebook, writing a review, or referring us to a friend.  St

What benefits will I receive?

You can earn a wide variety of perks and rewards based on how many Truck Bucks (points) you accumulate.  Benefits may include discounts, free shipping, or special early access to members-only offers. Check your tank here to see when you have enough T

How do I earn Truck Bucks (points)?

Earn points (called Truck Bucks) for every purchase you make, as well as for other activities like sharing or following us on Facebook, writing a review, or sharing us with a friend.   To check your rewards, or create a new account, Click here.

How do I redeem my Truck Bucks (points)?

Redeem your points in our online store by logging into your account before you make a purchase. Once logged in, you will be able to see how many Truck Bucks you have accumulated and what rewards you have available to redeem. Simply click on the rewar

How do I join The Glad Gang?

If you have an account, meaning you have ordered in the past and set up a password, you have automatically been enrolled and awarded 200 Truck Bucks. If you have not set up a password verified account, follow the instructions below and you will get 2

Are my rewards refundable or exchangeable?

Rewards are not refundable or exchangeable, however, they do not expire.  As you accumulate points, you will earn access to even more rewards! Sign up, log in, or check your tank here.

What happens to my Truck Bucks if I cancel my order or get a refund?

If your order is cancelled or refunded, the Truck Bucks awarded for that purchase will be deducted from your overall total.  If you miss your The Peach Truck Tour Stop and are issued a store credit, your Truck Bucks will be deducted. You will accru

How do I earn Referral Credit?

Here's how to make sure that you get your referral perk!Visit and log in (or create an account if you have not!)Click "Refer a friend!" at the top. You'll see a window pop up at the bottom right of the page containing yo

How do I reset my password?

When you attempt to login to your account, you'll see a prompt in the bottom right corner of the form to reset your password: You'll then be invited to enter your email address and click Submit. You should receive an email shortly after that to rese

How do I set up an account with The Peach Truck?

There are a couple ways to create an account to view all of your orders in one place. Create Account You can click Account in the top righthand corner of the website to access the Account Login page. From here, you can click Create Account to set up