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What Makes The Peach Truck Apples Different?

The Peach Truck is bringing you the freshest apples you can get without picking them yourself. Did you know that apples in grocery stores are kept in cold storage for up to a YEAR? Our apples are tree-ripened in the Chelan Valley in Washington, picke

Where do your apples come from?

Our apples are from the Chelan Valley in Washington, a glacier-fed micro-climate! This pristine landscape with its clean mountain air, crystal clear water, and abundant sunshine produces apples with more beautiful color, greater quality and incredibl

What varieties of apples do you deliver?

We’ve curated three varieties of apples for the 2022 Fall Harvest Season!. Honeycrisp: This variety is the near perfect raw apple. Fantastically crisp, with a delicate sweet/tart balance and a light berry flavor. With unique coloring - bright crimson

How long do fresh apples keep?

Apples typically last 1-2 weeks at room temperature or 4-6 weeks in the refrigerator!

Will the apples be ripe when I get them?

Always! Our apples are picked tree-ripe, meaning they are left on the tree until they are fully ready to be harvested and enjoyed.