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2023 Peach Shortage FAQ

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Have questions about how our crop has been affected this season?


Why is there a peach shortage?

We love the south for its famous peaches, but there's no denying our infamously unpredictable weather patterns. This year, we experienced a mild winter and a couple of late frosts (hitting after blossoms were already on the trees), creating a scenari

Will my 2023 order be affected by the peach shortage?

The good news is, based on crop projections that we are monitoring daily, we do not anticipate canceling any existing fresh peach orders! If you have already placed a pre-order, your peaches are accounted for. If you have already pre-ordered for Home

My home delivery order was changed due to the shortage, but the new date doesn't work for me.

Note: A small amount of Home Delivery fresh peach pre-orders were affected by this year's peach shortage, causing a shipment date change for boxes expected in the weeks of May 29th or June 5th to instead be harvested and delivered the week of June 12

Why aren't you returning to my town for Local Pickup (Tour) this year?

We wish we could visit every single one of our previous stops this summer. Due to the peach shortage we're experiencing, we have unfortunately needed to limit our route significantly this year to accommodate for the lesser crop projections. This mean

Why isn't there a 25lb box this year?

We experienced a late freeze here in the south, impacting our peach crop greatly. Because of this unfortunate situation, we made the tough decision to exclusively offer a 10lb box in order to further our primary goal of providing peaches to as many p

Why is your Local Pickup (Tour) route so short this year?

As much as we wish that we could visit all of you for Local Pickup this summer, the weather and a late frost had other plans for our peach crop. We have had to trim down our Local Pickup route significantly, meaning we might not be able to visit some