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2022 Peach Supply

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Why are we having a nationwide peach shortage?

Several weather conditions have come together to create the “perfect storm” to cause a peach shortage. There was a late season frost in March followed by extreme heat in April. This caused many of the early season peach varieties to essentially stop

Why did you sell peaches if you didn’t have them?

This is a totally understandable question. We accept pre-orders for the crop we are projected to have each season. Pre-orders are a very important part of our operations to make sure we deliver incredibly fresh peaches to you within just a day or two

Why did my Tour stop get rescheduled, but you are still selling peaches to other Community members?

This answer to this question also gets back to freshness and timing. We pick peaches for each Tour stop individually so we are bringing you the freshest peaches possible. Because of this, we may have enough peaches for one Tour stop and simply not en

Will the peach supply get better this summer?

Finally, a silver lining! We offer many varieties of peaches as the summer goes on, and the later season varieties are looking great. We are hopeful that July will be back to normal, and we will have plenty of peaches for you!

My Tour stop was confirmed, but then it was rescheduled last minute. Why did that happen?

This is the scenario we are really trying to avoid, but it has happened. We are checking on the ripeness of the peaches by the hour, hoping that they will be ready to pick in time for each Tour stop. However, sometimes they just aren’t ready in time

How will I know if my Tour stop has been impacted?

If your order or Tour stop is changed in any way, you will be notified by email ASAP. This email will include your new Tour stop date if applicable. If you don’t get an email from us noting a change to your order or Tour stop, you can expect for your