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1,000 Boxes Giveaway FAQ

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Have questions about our 1000 boxes of peaches giveaway?


Do I need to make a purchase to enter?

Nope! There is no purchase necessary to enter The Peach Truck 1,000 box giveaway. All you have to do is enter your email on the giveaway page. You will then have the option to refer friends for more entries, which will send them a unique link to crea

What if I prefer Home Delivery Peaches to Local Pickup?

No worries! If you win, your prize will be awarded in the form of a store credit, which you can still use towards the purchase of a Home Delivery fresh peach box.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner of The Peach Truck 1000 box giveaway will be notified via email on April 1st (not a joke!).

What do I get if I win the 1,000 Boxes Giveaway?

1,000 Individuals will each win a $55 store credit to be used on a 25lb box of peaches for local pickup on our route!No worries if you prefer Home Delivery, though - the store credit is good for that too.